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منذ 3 أسابيع Public Service Kuwait City   84 الآراء
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Prepares/review all necessary letters for wide range of local governmental bodies such as Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Social Affairs etc.

Examine all tender documents and contracts submitted to the Company from the partnership, clients, customer, and parties new and/or existing subject to its control.

Ensuring that all documents are following the laws and procedures of the as per company rules and regulation and within the local governance.

Examine all agreements signed by parties to ensure they are complying with the standard drafts that had been approved by the Company Board of Directors and/ or Top Management.

Coordinate with the Company Legal Consultant in preparation of legal papers in accordance to Kuwait Local Government Laws and Regulations that will applies to the YIACO Medical Company and/or other parties subject to it.

Prepare legal correspondence notes to the remarks of the parties’ response as per directed by the Accounts Manager.

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