Lawyers Full-time وظيفة

منذ أسبوعين Public Service Kuwait City   32 الآراء
تفاصيل الوظيفة

Educational Qualifications:

→ College Degrees:
→ Bachelor’s degree in Law 2
→ Diploma Degrees:
→ Diploma in Law and Legal Studies

Admission Requirements:

→ The applicant should be interested in working as a lawyer and a quick learner.
→ At least 2 years of experience in relevant field.
→ English language literate.
→ The candidate should possess strong communication and teamwork skills.
→ Able to work under pressure.

Terms of trade-offs:

The trade-off is set apart between applicants, and the applicant is preferred based on having:

→ More years of experience
→ Maintained higher GPA

Notes:   The applicant is subjected to a 100 day training and testing period. If the applicant displayed bad conduct and was not abiding with the goals and tasks the law firm has set, the office has the right to do without the applicant’s duties without prior notice.

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